The Gold Money Constant and Entrepreneurship – by Ivan Ovcaricek-Rostok

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The first part of the book deals with the stability of money as the value equivalent of produced goods in an economic space. The second part discusses economics of entrepreneurship, and the third covers the application of entrepreneurship to a concrete state.

The stability of money and entrepreneurship are vitally important in economics. As in living things, money can be considered as blood, while entrepreneurship is the heart that drives the blood through the body, thus enabling it to live.

The first part of the book covers ten domains. The first three domains make it possible for money to have stability. These include the balances of production and consumption, revenues and expenditures of state budgets, and import and export. These are followed by seven domains that make it indirectly possible for money to be stable. These include rationality in spending natural resources; balance in the structure of habitants; optimality in the state economy; economic discipline; creation of development; and good conclusions.

The second part lists five domains directing and limiting entrepreneurship, which may offer success. Four domains follow that help the functions of entrepreneurship be stronger, and are followed by four domains concerning entrepreneurs.

The third part deals with the application of the conceptual economic statements from the first and second parts to a concrete state that shows possible economic benefits.

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Keywords:- Economics, Stability, Production, Consumption, Budgets, Expenditures, Bretton, Conference, Aurum, Optimum, Money, Constant, Ivan.


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