The God Secret – by Greg Rigby

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Greg Rigby’s The God Secret uncovers a startling truth about the greatest mystery of all times—the origins of the Judeo/Christian God and its teachings.

Rigby’s intensive research of ancient Egypt, Astronomy, The Book of Revelation and the history of religion in Europe illustrates tangible evidence of how myths beginning as early as 6750 determined what most of us believe.

In ancient times wise men studied the stars and joined them into patterns that depicted pictures of gods and goddesses. Their theories formed the basis for the subsequent belief of formalized religions. Rigby’s 185 illustrations give the reader an easy to follow guide that gives question to present day beliefs and to the common thread that most religions represent—eternal damnation for anyone consorting with the “Horned One” or devil.

Rigby cites examples from the Grail myths and illustrates how the chalice and the sword link them to the Christ story. He presents overwhelming evidence that connects the seven stars of the big dipper constellation to the Grail Cup and shows how initial interpretations of this heavenly constellation led to an enduring theme among organized religions. Explore the connection between The Egyptian Mysteries, The Grail Myths, The Tarot, The Book of Revelation, and the Adam and Eve story.

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Keywords:- God, Satan, Grail, Knights Templar, Isis, Mystery.

Genres:- Religion, Christianity, History.

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