The Flux : A sequel to Poseidon’s Grotto – by C. E. Davis

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There exists a special place in the mind, somewhere between the worlds of reality and the surreal. It is a blue world, surrounded by the singularity of the sea. It is a place well known to only a few, those fortunate enough to have experienced its sights and smells, and to have been overwhelmed by the enormity of its being. Its timelessness cannot be explained by any rational hypothesis, for what it once was now only exists within the memory of two souls, forever joined by each other’s love and by their special connection to their utopian world.

Lyndon and Helen Williams imagined an ideal world and contemplated its wonder. But they are only dreamers, you say? No, you need to be alive in the physical sense to dream. For them, reality is a dream that never ends. Poseidon’s Grotto holds the key to understanding their world and of capturing the past and thereby creating an idyllic future for the two lovers.

In this sequel to Poseidon’s Grotto, Lyndon and Helen’s love spans the realms of time and space within the Heraclitean Flux. Although they are parted, in this dream world, their eternal romance lives a new chapter in the Ancient Bronze Age.

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Keywords:-Surreal, Timelessness, Sublime, Heraclitus, Bronze Age, Eternal, Utopian.

Genres:-General Fiction.


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