The Elephant Hunter – by William Flagg Magee

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Willy has led a full life, too full maybe. Along life’s journey, he has been transformed. This change leads him to a result he wanted, but also to moments of rage at his failure to accomplish the one thing he wished for the most.

John Benson and Elliott Richardson are lifelong friends who have shared in both the success and failures of Willy’s life. John brought Elliott into Willy’s life, and aspects of their lives are entwined in Willy’s.

Through Willy’s story, we learn that that when someone is told that a major personal relationship can never be transformed into a longed-for experience, we should not believe it. Do not force its path. Learn to fully forgive and let go.

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Keywords:- Thorny, Truculent, Generational, Molly, Dick, Simeon Wenban, John Benson, Forgiveness, Transformation, Death, Dignity, Grace, Gift, Alcoholism, Elephant, Stagecoach, Indians, Cortez, Earthquake, San Francisco, Smallpox, Epidemic, Love, Mother, Son, Remythologize, Spiritual.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense, General.

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