The Eight of Spades : A Law Unto Themselves – by Benjamin J. West

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Eight handpicked people chosen for their individual skills and beliefs are snatched from their everyday lives and blackmailed into serving their country.
The team is trained to be the finest fighters on land, sea and air, just as the government intended, but then the unexpected occurs. With sheer daring and determination, they steal a highly advanced super ship belonging to the Royal Navy and rename it the Intruder.
With the British Government denying all knowledge of their very existence, the group transform themselves into Public Enemy Number 1, the invincible, enigmatic Eight of Spades.
But when the team undertakes the challenge of clearing the Icelandic waters of the fearful gunboats that harass British trawlers during the 1976 Cod War, they find themselves nose-to-nose with the Navy they just humiliated. The Navy wants their ship back–preferably in one piece, but if not, a million pieces will suffice.

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Keywords:-Action, Adventure,Espionage.

Genres:- Fiction, Action & Adventure.

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