The Economic Success of a State : The Principle of Economic Duals and the Category of Diversified Money – by Ivan Ovcaricek-Rostok

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The Economic Success of a State is divided into three parts. The first part describes a newly found economic regularity named “economic dual” and the theoretical approach to generate the power of an economic space.

The second part lists everything connected with the economic cores and resources of their creation: the economy of the projects that create them, their development, and their creation by industrial zones; combinations for their creation and possibilities to quicken their creation; and a practical frame for generating economic cores as the leading constitutive part of economic duals.

The third part deals with optimizations by using economic duals, models for the optimization in the state economy are given, as well as the choice of models. The general frame for state economy is conceived, the role of politics in the state economy is described, and the use of the economic duals, economic regularities, and facts connected with them and sources of possible damages to the state economy are revealed.

This part also includes a newly conceived concept named “diversified money” as a protective mechanism for the state economy against incurring foreign debts; the possible positive effects of using the principle of economic duals; the optimal economic policy of the state; and errors in the state economy.

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Keywords:-Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Trogir, Split, Osijek, Karlovac.


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