The Curious Tale of Marmalade Tuttle. Book One: Marmalade Tuttle and the Wizzard of Caldor – by Bob Trotter

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BOB TROTTER is married with two daughters living in County Down, Northern Ireland. Up until October 2004, he worked in the Medical Records Department of the local hospital. He gave up work to look after his youngest daughter who contracted a virus when she was four months old, leaving her with severe medical problems needing full time care.

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Keywords:- Children’s Fantasy Story, Witches, Magic, Wizards, Battles, Teenage Witch, Sword Maiden, Warriors, Magical Creatures, Immortals, Good Over Evil, Heroine, Portal, Magical Lands, Knights, Archers, Fairies, Elves, Dragons, Wolves, Warlocks, Spells, Trolls.

Genres:- Children /Young Adult.

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