The Cure for the American Healthcare Malady – by James H. DeGerome, MD, FACP, FACG

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The Cure for the American Healthcare Malady is an intelligent, logical and meticulously researched examination of healthcare by an author and physician who knows firsthand the problems we, as a nation, face with large numbers of families unable to afford proper medical care.

Dr. James H. DeGerome details the fatal flaws of a government-controlled healthcare system, comparing such a system to Canada and European countries’ socialized healthcare. DeGerome spells out the myths of these existing socialized systems and gives the reader a comprehensive and complete understanding of the essence of the healthcare reform debate, its terminology and what needs to happen in order for our nation’s healthcare system to deliver in a budget neutral manner, universal coverage, affordable to all without massive increases in personal and corporate taxation. DeGerome’s solution, The Cure, carefully analyzes how simple reforms of private marketplace healthcare delivery systems and tax deductibility can accomplish this goal.

With the ever-declining economy and healthcare costs rising exponentially, this book is a must read for anyone who believes that the most effective solution can be developed within the competitive private marketplace.

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Keywords:- Healthcare, Socialism, Obamacare, Medicine, Reform, Single-payer, Capitalism.

Genres:- Business & Economics, Government & Business, Political Science, comparative, Medical, Health Care Delivery.

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