The Criminals : Book I: A Time to Sow – by Bruce Wilson

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The Criminals – Book I: A Time to Sow is the first book of a thrilling new action-packed series.
Orion Jackson is the criminally brilliant convict who spearheads the BGO, otherwise known as the Black Gansta Organization. He teams up with his homeboy, Corey Jones, to build the nest of his empire, with one twig at a time.

But Orion is bogged down with a personal vendetta that he wants to resolve with three ruthless convicts who sexually assaulted him while he was in prison. He vigorously pursues his objectives of eliminating them, one soul at a time, to bring closure to this degrading memory that plagued his life.

While pursuing his vendetta, Orion finds himself caught up in another conflict with deadly skirmishes with one of the most formidable underworld organizations in the country. With the fire burning on both ends of the candle, Orion faces the challenges of keeping his organization afloat, even as he desperately fights for his own survival.

“I couldn’t put the book down…I’m not kidding, the reading is so intense”
– Kizzy McKenny, Administrative Coordinator

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Genres:- Thriller.

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