The Continuing Ripples of Living Beyond Suicide : Dedicated to Those Who Have Survived Suicide – by Kaylene Donohue

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Even today there remains a lot of stigma attached to suicide. But as tragic as the act itself may be, for every one person who commits suicide, there are many others left behind. The Continuing Ripples of Living Beyond Suicide tells the stories of some people who have also lost someone to suicide. Author Kaylene Donohue is all-too-familiar with this tragic phenomenon and the kind of pain and suffering it inflicts on the living.

Having lost her first cousin, younger brother, and even three of her own children to suicide, Kaylene, like many of those left behind, struggled to pick up the pieces and move on with her life. However, she was so moved by the support she received from the Standby Team and her support group, close family, and friends that she was ultimately inspired to take action. This book is her effort to try and help others realize that there are many specialized counselors available to provide ongoing assistance to those in need, and that there is indeed hope for life.

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Keywords:-Suicide Prevention, You Are Not Alone, True Stories, Living Hell, Support Groups, Rid The Stigma, Where To Get Help.

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