The Coming of Marshal – by Harvey Minnick

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A damaged spaceship is hurtling toward the Earth, and the Russian government mistakenly believes the spacecraft is the anticipated Doomsday asteroid. The Russians shoot it down, not realizing that Marshal, an interstellar lawman, is inside. Marshal is now in the custody of humans without his personal translator. As Marshal struggles to adapt to his new environment, other aliens who survived the crash are now plotting to take over the Earth. Can Marshal help the government save the planet from alien domination? In this comic science fiction story, the only thing certain is that nothing will be the same after the coming of Marshal.

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Keywords:- Science Fiction, Humor, Superheros, Action, Adventure, Ufo, Entertaining, Funny, Enjoyable, New Release, Recent Release, Alien Miss Adventures In Chicago, Marshal, Dauntless.

Genres:-Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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