The Chopper Caper – by R.D. Moore co author- George Dorsey

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It’s the middle of the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, an armored truck with three million in cash is traveling through Oregon. And two combat chopper pilots plan their return to the states to hijack it.

Pete Placker, a hell-raising Fresno State football player who dropped out to become one of the best helicopter pilots in ‘Nam and Cecil Clanner, a stockbroker who got drafted, team up for what they think is their payday.

They commandeer a CH-54 heavy-lift helicopter for what seems a simple heist. But when the hijacking turns into a bloody shoot-out, they find themselves in unknown territory. Now they have to contend with the Oregon wilderness, two unexpected hostages, one infected eye and their own darker sides.

“Great read with authentic combat sequences. The hijacking is shades of D. B. Cooper.” Robin E. Scott, Major General, U.S. Air Force (Ret)

“A real page-turner. It’ll make one helluva movie!”
Ruben A. Cubero, Brigadier General, U.S. Air Force (Ret) – former Dean, USAF Academy

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Keywords:- Military Crime Thriller, Fast, Paced, Suspenseful, Giant Helicopter, Hijacking, Armored Car, Stereotypically Wacky Characters, Bloody Shoot, Out, Hostages, Insurance Rip, Off, Rugged Northeastern Oregon Wilderness.

Genres:- Mystery & Detective , General, Fiction, Suspense, Men’s Adventure.

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