The Chinese Sausage Dog, the Panicky Porcupine and Mrs. Shoo : An Animal Tale of Friendship in China – by Nuala Illek

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Dumpy Ling, the dachshund, encounters an unusual sight when he meets Porky, a frightened and lost porcupine, hiding in Golden Hoot jungle. Determined to help his new friend find his way, Dumpy enlists the help of Campi, the super-sleuth golden retriever, to devise a plan that will get the panicky porcupine safely back home…wherever that may be!

An exciting rescue mission and an encounter with the gentle Mrs. Shoo provides important lessons on friendship in this charming children’s tale set in the beautiful region of Canton, China.

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Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Dogs, Social Situations, Friendship.

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