The Caregivers – by Kathryn Smaw Amerson

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Yesterday, Elizabeth Duke was a brilliant teacher. Today, she has been diagnosed with dementia. Yesterday, everyone sought her wisdom and her company. Today is the beginning of the end. Anne Rutledge is the great-niece of “Aunt Bette.” She and her young family share the Southern homeplace with Aunt Bette. Now Anne must become the caregiver for her great-aunt while attempting to continue a career and rear a family. Through the unending frustrations of doctors, home care nurses and nursing home employees, Anne comes to understand the truth about aging: Society cares about citizens as long as they are productive.  Aunt Bette’s life has become a glaze; yet in her moments of lucidity, her brilliance and color are illuminated.

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Keywords:-Caregiver, Aging, Southern Literature, Nursing Home, Duke, Health Care, Hospital.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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