The Callie Gang : Who Said Cats Don’t Talk? – by Nicole Wilson

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How do we know what cats think and how they live? The answer is simple: We have a cat tell us about her life.

In this delightful children’s book, Livvy is one of five kittens in a litter. She lives in a barn in the Pacific Northwest with her mother, Callie the calico cat, and her sister, Pinky, and brothers, Rascal, Cosmo, and Shadow.

Callie moved into the barn after she was abandoned by her former owner. There she meets the old barn cat Marble, who has been living there for many years. Callie and Marble become best friends.

Shortly after her arrival, Callie gives birth to her litter of kittens, who soon became known as The Callie Gang. Together they encounter many adventures and have a great time growing up together.

Reading is made easy in this Beginner Chapter Book. Learn about cats in a fun way by reading Livvy’s story about The Callie Gang and their mishaps.

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