The Bridge of the Americas : A Jack Sloan Novel – by Larry Seeley

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A young girl is murdered on a dark highway during the winter of 1995. Fifteen years later, the crime sets in motion a string of events that provoke carnage and mayhem. Jack Sloan and his girlfriend, Darlene, are caught in the middle. It’s up to them to find a way out.

Readers of other Jack Sloan novels will recognize the geography of the beautiful barrancas and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Much of the action takes place near Flagstaff in and around the ponderosa pine forests that climb to the timberline.

When you read The Bridge of the Americas: A Jack Sloan Novel, you will take a dangerous trip through the Southwestern United States, with stops in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. The drug wars created the story, now Jack Sloan writes the conclusion.

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Keywords:-Juarez, El Paso, Jack Sloan, Border, Flagstaff, Reservation, Drug wars.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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