The Blackguard : V.1 – by Andrew Thomas Shir

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Andrew Thomas Shir began writing The Blackguard 14 years ago. His fascination with the martial arts form of Ninjitsu and his passion for science fiction gave birth to The Blackguard.

The story is set in a far distant future where the presidential rule has been overthrown by the Ministry of Vloram, a super power that has claimed ownership to most of the galaxy’s worlds and population — except for two.

These are the alien world of Aauragon, home to the vile Regavron, and Carrilliean, the world of the Knights of the Blackguard. Both have been at war with each other since the beginning of time.

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Keywords:- Black, Ninja, Sci-fi, Space, Guard, Banshee, Princess.

Genres:- Fiction, Science Fiction, General.

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