The Birthday Book Club Snatching : The Melinda & Simon Series – by Anne Burack Sayre

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“Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!” The voice rings out just as Simon and other patriots in the Continental Army are awaiting the advancement of British troops at the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill.

So begins the children’s story The Birthday Book Club Snatching: The Melinda & Simon Series.

Sixth grader Melinda Burke has misgivings about Simon, her quirky, odd, and peculiar younger brother. When Simon doesn’t like what’s happening in real life, the second grader retreats into an imaginary world, where he is in control and decides the outcome.

For Melinda, the situation is getting serious because she envisions Simon being blamed for snatching books from the school library. Melinda is determined to prove Simon’s innocence and be more than just a big sister, but also his protector and coach. Melinda feels her parents can’t give Simon the attention he needs. Simon is smart, but he’s hopeless in social situations, as he stammers, gets bullied, and then retreats into his own make-believe world.

So who snatched the books from the Birthday Book Club? Read along in this imaginative and fun new novel in The Melinda & Simon Series to find out.

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Keywords:-Character Building, Bullying, Imagination, Mystery, Humorous, Ages 7-11, Social Situations.

Genres:-General Fiction.


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