The Birth of a Vigilante – by Russell West

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Brilliant, sensitive, and gifted, young Titus Booth has the world by the tail. His adoring father runs a thriving mercantile, while his beautiful mother arranges an unorthodox and entertaining education for her beloved boy genius. The death of his much-loved Granny Tess, a plucky Irish widow who posed as a man to fight in the Civil War, sets in motion a series of tragedies that make the young man question his very being. After a chance meeting with a wealthy benefactor who takes an unusual liking to him, Titus sets out on a grand world adventure to find his purpose and shape his inquiring mind. Just as Titus begins to find his bearings, all goes terribly wrong. A sickening exploitation and betrayal shake his moral compass, and the innocent young man is no more. Someone or something much more powerful and fearsome emerges to embark on a deadly path of rage and revenge in the stunning crime novel The Birth of a Vigilante.

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Keywords:- Birth, Vigilante, Titus, Booth, Super, Hero, Comics, Manga.

Genres:- Action/Adventure.

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