The Betrayal of Onama – by Moses Aluonzi Alaka

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Onama is a brutal, ruthless hunter who rules his domain with an iron fist. He is an enemy to all animals in the jungle.

Onama’s loyal dog Kana later betrays his master because of mistreatment.

The jungle animals convene an emergency meeting to examine Onama’s atrocities against them. Atamvaku, a courageous mountain gorilla and leader of the animals, heads up the meeting to end Onama’s activities and find a solution that will end the hunter’s tyranny.

Drakana, an ally to the animals, attends the meeting and later leads Onama to his fate.

The African story The Betrayal of Onama is set in the Maraca District in West Nile.

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Keywords:- Chick, Duckling, Calf, Puppy, Kid, Piglet, Kitten.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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