The Barn In Salem Village – by Paul V. Suffriti

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In 1992, Nathan Warlock and his pregnant wife Mary purchase a farmhouse on ten acres of land. They move from Boston to Danvers, Massachusetts, where Nathan has ancestors who have lived there for more than 300 years.

He meets Allan, an historian who researches his lineage, only to discover disturbing things about his family and the recently purchased farmhouse. They review past events and come across entries about a barn where mysterious events are said to have taken place. In truth, the barn hides something supernatural that has changed the lives of many during the past three centuries.

Nathan finds the barn hidden among thick brush on his property. He and Allan look inside and find a trapdoor leading to a secret meeting room. There they find a journal dating from the 1600s that was written by Nathan’s great-grandfather. The journal reveals many secrets, telling of supernatural abilities given to those who are chosen.

Nathan becomes obsessed with the journal and delves even deeper into the barn’s mysteries. He finds clues that lead him to a supernatural object and a secret portal to an underworld is revealed. His wife Mary is due to give birth any day when Nathan enters the portal. His subterranean adventure seemingly lasts but a day, but when he returns to the surface, everything has changed!

What twist of fate took Nathan to The Barn In Salem Village?

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Keywords:- Supernatural, Witchcraft, Underworld, Witches, Creatures, Possessed, Magical.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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