The Balam Restoration : Part 1: Without a Past – by D.L. Morris

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Rescued, retrained, and re-armed to fight back against the enemy that wants only the destruction of all that is not theirs, there is quite a lot resting on her shoulders. Now, though, Kendra “Amaratzu” Anteen wakes up in a recovery pod with no memory of who she is or what is happening. She only manages to get out of the time-worn and damaged tube by accidentally breaking it.

With the help of flashbacks and a computer installed in her head, she must figure everything out and escape before she runs out of air, gets eaten by cyborneticaly enhanced animals, or whatever other horror is in this shutdown facility. Panic is not an option!

Who is Amaratzu, what part will she play in The Balam Restoration, and how will she succeed, Without a Past?

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Keywords:-Sci-fi, Action, Survival, Escape, Cyborgs, Martial Arts, Fighting.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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