The Atheist’s Bible – by Shalom Camenietzki

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“The Atheist’s Bible” is a collection of fifteen short stories and novellas by Shalom Camenietzki,  a Toronto-based psychologist and writer of fictions. Nine of the fifteen stories that make up the collection were previously published in Canadian literary magazines. Published in 2006,  the collection has been reviewed by five literary magazines. The collection’s themes are varied,  from an adult psychologist reminiscing about his adored,  black Brazilian nanny,  to an Israeli recruit senselessly dying because of friendly fire. One short story and one novella deal explicitly with the life of aging,  experienced psychologists,  who are depicted in realistic,  non-flattering terms,  leaving no room for idealization and lionizing of those professionals. The collection revolves on Jewish characters,  with no non-Jews as narrators or main figures.

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Keywords:- Nanny, Jewish, Store, Train, Rio De Janeiro, Psychologist, Group Therapy, First Date, Winning Ticket, Lambari.

Genres:- Fiction, Psychological, Jewish.

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