The Arii – by Erik Thaisen

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Zachariah is a space traveller in a frozen state, riding on Halley’s comet. When the comet crashes to Earth in Antarctica, he is rescued by an explorer and taken to Melbourne, Australia. In Melbourne Zachariah meets and befriends Mary and Rachel. The women work out that Zachariah is human, but not of this earth. Hailing him as some kind of supreme extraterrestrial being, they form a cult, with Zachariah as the reluctant leader.

Meanwhile Bart, a soldier from Earth, pursues Zachariah through a wormhole. Finding him and his coalition, he also finds a billion people who are in a frozen state and are being looked after by Zachariah’s earthbound coalition. These frozen people are known as The Arii, and are searching the universe for a planet to call home.

But The Arii are being pursued by an invasive infection known as the plasmoencephalapod. Frozen and defenseless, they must rely on Zachariah’s cult-like coalition to defend them. Will these space travelers succeed in escaping the plasmoencephalapod and finding a new home amongst the stars? Find out in the dramatic conclusion of The Arii.

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Keywords:- Wormhole Travel, Interstellar Settlement, Evil, Amoeba, Comets & Asteroids, Lost Souls, Human Existence.

Genres:- Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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