The Anatomy of Investing — Second Edition – by Dean A. Junkans,CFA

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“This book is easily one of the best and most readable investment primers I’ve come across during my 45 years in the business. It’s a great way to learn about basic investment concepts and how they can be applied to almost anyone’s situation.

– William B. Frels, CFA

Chairman and CEO, Mairs and Power

”Dean Junkans has been a key thought leader for us on investment strategy and asset allocation for many years. Now everyone can benefit from his well thought out views on investing. The Anatomy of Investing is a terrific resource for anyone interested in learning more about the foundation of successful investing. Ignore the promises made by those who advocate the home run trades to riches approach. This book will equip the reader with the understanding and right tools to build a sound and diversified investment decision making approach which has been the hallmark of the industry’s best money managers.”

– Jay Welker, Executive VP and Head of the Wealth Management Group

Wells Fargo

“Using the anatomy analogy, Junkans is able to clearly explain serious investment truths in a creative and entertaining way to the benefit of novices and pros. This is excellent teaching from a real leader in the investment profession.”

– Kevin D. Freeman, CFA, CEO

Freeman Global Investment Counsel

co-author of Investing in Separate Accounts

“The Anatomy of Investing is a full-bodied tour of the ins and outs of planning for one’s financial future and avoiding the vast number of pitfalls that face  individual investors every day. Uncluttered by finance-speak and thoughtfully organized, Dean brings to his subject a wealth of experience and practical advice. From beginning to end, it’s clear that he cares deeply about both his subject and the everyday investors he’s trying to help.”

– Tony Carideo, CFA, President,

The Carideo Group, Inc

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