The Adventures of the Billy Goats Gruff – by Kevin P. Futers

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“How can we possibly get a troll maiden to kiss one of us?” asked Edgar in despair. “It would be hard enough if we still wore the form of men, but in this shape it would be simple folly.”

Possessed by a curse that turned them into goats, three brothers set out to the land of Trolls. They are on a quest for a maiden’s kiss, which will return them to their true forms. At the border, they cross a bridge and kill its guardian. Only after this unfortunate incident do they learn that trolls have families, too. How will any of the brothers get a kiss from a maiden when they are now in a blood feud with her kin? And the longer it takes, the more their human identities fade.

Will the brothers be doomed to roam as goats forever?

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Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Legends, Myths, Fables, General.

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