The Adventures of Meek and the Island of Jewel – by Anthony R. Pitko

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Meek is a colorful bird with a jeweled beak, bright feathers, and dreams of places and adventures that lie beyond his island.
He keeps trying to fly off, but is never strong enough. When a storm’s headwinds carry Meek far away, he ends up in a strange place, with even stranger creatures.
What will Meek discover and should one be careful what they wish for? Or will Meek find a dream come true?
“Children’s imaginations will soar as they join Meek, the wonderful, jeweled parrot, on far-off adventures while meeting new wise friends who offer sound advice. The Adventures of Meek is sure to be your child’s favorite book.” – Julie A. Brown, M.Ed
“The text alone could make a child’s imagination go wild, but the vibrant illustrations will catch the eye of anyone who picks up the book. I want more adventures with Meek.” – Kara Morrisey, Senior Behavior Therapist
“Meek’s exploits will appeal to everyone. I interact with people every day who possess Meek’s sense of adventure and curiosity. As a father of four, let Meek’s contagious spirit spring into your world!” – George Balen, partner at

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Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Birds.

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