The Adventures of Hiram B. Bat (9781606934289) – by Cecil Thistlethwaite

Price: $9.99

In this delightful children’s story by Professor Cecil Thistlethwaite, Hiram B. Bat is an orphaned fruit bat who has lived a very uneventful life for a long time. That is, until one night he makes a decision that will change his life forever!

Tired of only ever flying to feed at Farmer Brown’s Orchard and then back home again, he decides that it is time to go and see the world!

His journey of adventure leads him on a path to incredible experiences, to meet an assortment of wonderful creatures and to travel to beautiful places he had never dreamed could exist.

Will a tiny bat out all alone in the big, wide world be able to survive and will he ever find his way back home?

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