The Adventures of AsparaGUS : Gus Discovers His Roots – by Jan Ruehling

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The Adventures of AsparaGUS: Gus Discovers His Roots is a wonderfully creative children’s story about a real dog named Gus.

AsparaGus is a bold, brave little red dachshund. His curiosity compels him to leave his cozy home and mama, AsparAgusta, in search of the elusive and mysterious “green sticks with curly tips.” During this exciting adventure, Gus makes a new friend, le Chat (the cat), a magical French Canadian cook. During his travels, Gus’ biggest discovery is learning his own dramatic dachshund family history.

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Keywords:- Dog, Dachshund, Family-friendly, Values, Asparagus, Educational, Disabled Author.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Animals, Dogs, General.

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