That’s My Story, Book 1 : Taking a Courageous Path… “A Search for who I am and the spiritual growth that just happened along that journey.” – by Estelle R Reder

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“It all starts with the momentum that builds after you take the first step down a courageous path.” Estelle R. Reder
This book shares the spiritual journey of a young woman who recognized the time for change had finally arrived. By opening her mind and heart to new possibilities, she began to embrace change willingly and fearlessly, trusting in the psychic messages and knowing that the Universe would deliver what she needed, exactly when she needed it.
Change presents the greatest opportunity for growth and, for author Estelle Reder, it was the catalyst for the inspiring events that enriched her life more than she could have ever hoped. The greatest opportunities for your own personal growth are explored in this book and are just waiting to be discovered! Now is your chance to realize your own potential and the unlimited possibilities that the Universe has to offer.

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Keywords:- Reiki, Chakras, Ascended Masters, Channelling, Guruji, Spirit Animals, Healing Energies.

Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Women, Body, Mind & Spirit, Inspiration & Personal Growth.

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