Thanks for the Mammaries: A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Story – by Sarah Demmon

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Thanks for the Mammaries is a raw, uncensored tale of the author’s journey through breast cancer.

From initial diagnosis at age 37, to chemotherapy, and on to life after surgery, author Sarah Demmon provides a humorous and sometimes warped perspective into what to expect from doctors, friends, and society.

In addition to her personal journey, the book also contains references and terminology that will aid the reader. A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Story is a must-read for the newly diagnosed.

“When I was diagnosed, I found that when I looked up literature about the disease, it was either overly emotional or highly technical. Everyone is told, ‘Go read Lance Armstrong’s book.’ In reality, there is little to relate in that book to the average individual dealing with cancer. I found myself blindsided, even as a scientist. I decided that I would write a true, raw tale that can impart some guidance to the newly diagnosed, so that hopefully they do not have to go through the bumps that I did.”

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Keywords:- Breast Cancer, Women’s Health, DIEP, Chemotherapy.

Genres:- Health & Wellness, Mind, Body & Soul.

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