Tea Party Resurgence : The Pursuit of a More Perfect Federal Government – by Scott J. Schroeder

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Tea Party Resurgence highlights the escalating problems associated with the growing U.S. federal debt and how it affects all Americans. The issues and recommendations discussed will appeal to all Americans concerned about the country we will be leaving our future generations and the burdens we are inflicting on them with our current reckless spending.

At the core of the book, several principles are considered for inclusion into future Tea Party principles that will appeal to a greater number of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum. This is a hard-hitting indictment of establishment politicians on Capitol Hill, who refuse to acknowledge the problem of the federal debt and deficit spending, while continuing to add to the problem.

The book begins with an argument concerning the gravity of the federal debt and the attention that this problem urgently requires. After briefly reviewing the background and history behind the Tea Party, the need for a simple, inclusive message to generate popular support is demonstrated to be necessary to affect real change. It offers eleven principals for incorporation into national Tea Party principles that will appeal to wider audiences.

Finally, the book proposes targeted areas of focus for federal spending reform and emphasizes the need for citizen involvement to correct our country’s current ill-fated course. This includes replacing establishment politicians with true citizen legislators, as was intended by the founding fathers.

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