Sundown Road – by William Cundiff

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Sundown Road is the beginning of a four-book series that follows three men in the years following the Civil War. Galen Weller, Will Blackhall, and Gideon Macdonald all learn that survival is not easy in tough times.

Weller, son of a successful Kentucky businessman, returns home from war to find his entire family murdered. His pregnant wife was raped and his home burned to the ground. Galen vows to bring the guilty to justice, but he also made a different vow to God on the last day of the war: to never again take the life of another man.

Blackhall is another war veteran searching for himself. He and Galen come upon an ancient Indian who says he carries a secret he has been entrusted to keep until he finds someone worthy. To earn this fortune will require great wisdom and courage.
Macdonald does not enter the story until the sequel, SOMBRA. The four books in the series have already been written. This vast saga continues from the 1860s to modern day.

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Genres:- Historical, Fiction, Action & Adventure.

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