Stormy Hill’s Heritage – by Nancy Clarke

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Ann Collins thought that winning the Kentucky Derby would fulfill her wildest dreams and that of her family. Raised all her life on Stormy Hill, a thoroughbred breeding farm located in the heart of Bluegrass Country, the shy, sheltered girl had not reckoned with facing fans or the press, avid for every detail of her life and that of her now-famous colt, Lightning. All she ever wanted was to race her colt, but suddenly she is thrown into a maelstrom from which the only answer is to continue on the path to an even bigger dream that could end with the winning of the coveted Triple Crown.

Dealing with the press and the public terrifies Ann far more than racing her colt ever could. However, soon she has much more to worry about. When a nasty plot cooked up by two jealous jockeys puts one of her own in jeopardy, she realizes that love of family can come at too high a price. As she contemplates pulling out of the race, Ann wonders if Lightning will ever get the chance to prove his heritage.

Stormy Hill’s Heritage is the third book of the series that began with Stormy Hill and Stormy Hill’s Legacy.

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