Storm Clouds over Mountain View Middle School – by Dave Potter

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“Robert, what will you bring and give to others in this school?”

When the principal of his new school asks him this question on his first day, Robert isn’t sure how to answer. School has always meant bad grades and getting picked on for Robert. But maybe it will be different this time. Maybe he can bring something to this school that will make it better for everyone.

For a while it seems like it really might happen. Robert makes a good friend, starts earning better grades and discovers something special that he can do really well. And then the school’s worst bully makes Robert his prime target and things start to get bad.
When tragedy strikes and the bullying spreads throughout the school, it will be up to Robert to take action. Will he be able to live up to the promise he made on his first day?

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Keywords:- Failed In School, Bullied, Changing Schools Is Scary, Hope New School Is Better, Small For His Age, It’s Tough Making New Friends, Needs A Friend, Father Makes Fun Of Him, Don’t Like To Read, I Think I’m Good At Running, What Can I Offer?, Target Of A Bully, I Never Got An A, I Trust Coach, I Hate Being Teased, I Didn’t Know What Winning Felt Like, Running Became My Life, Running In A, Track Meet Changed My Life, Dave Potter.

Genres:- Juvenile Fiction, Social Situations, Friends, School & Education.

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