Star Journey — A Cosmology of Self :Picturing the Personal Universe and How It Works – Richard H. Geer

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Gain new clarity and insights using the Star JourneyTM symbol method. Now explore author Richard Geer’s third and latest book, a complete guide to using the Star Journey tool for self-reflection. This book includes:

Working with synchronicity and intuition to enrich life experience.

Learning the Goal Journey technique, to solve problems, make decisions and explore relationships. Use as a stand-alone or with other formats of the tool.

New ways to define personal experience, including 7 Levels of Living.

In the core material “The Symbolic Journey of the Self,” rich narrative text brings the tool’s 96 symbols to life, each one telling of a step along a timeless path of personal growth and development.

“I would recommend this unique guide to anyone wanting a new experience that can last a lifetime.”— Riki Frahmann, review in “Mystic Living Today”

“We need tools like Star JourneyTM… A change in viewpoint, a change in heart, can change everything.” — Sonya Hardin, PhD, RN, University of North Carolina–Charlotte

“As a personal tool for self-care, I depend on Star Journey regularly … an essential tool for me personally and professionally.” — Gerry Marr, MA, MFT, Santa Barbara, CA
“I consider Richard Geer to be a modern day wizard, a visionary whose genius is reflected in his book Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self as well as new formats for his symbol-based self discovery tool.” — Caroline Myss, Best-selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity

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