Spyder Hole – by Bob Nesoff

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Former American Green Beret Dan Halevi, now an Israeli Mossad officer, had the key to stopping the 9-11 attack in his hands but never realized it. Now he has information that terrorists will detonate nuclear weapons in New York and London. This time he won’t let it happen.

Fast paced breath taking action brings you from the streets of New York to the desert of Iran on the hunt for a nuclear weapon meant to destroy an American city. Three governments establish a Ghost Force, a secret unit composed of their intelligence agencies and Special Forces who can take extra-legal action, using any means necessary and across all borders to stop the terrorists in their tracks.

Maj. Gen. Thomas H. Needham, a Green Beret who fought in Vietnam, called “Spyder Hole” like “…an Indian Jones movie.”

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Keywords:- Action, Adventure, Terrorists, Nuclear Attack, Cia, Green Berets, Twin Towers, Islamic Terrorism, Mossad, Iran, Special Forces, Mi-6, Sas, 9-11.

Genres:- Fiction,  Suspense, Thrillers, War & Military.

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