Space, Solar System, Earth and Life : The Wonder of Creation – by Philip Bruce Heywood

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Four books as one pictorially explaining concepts of the origins of our universe, solar system, earth, moon, and life. This is a resource parents and teachers are calling for.   The reader may quickly discern: Child-friendly.   Meets science education standards.    Explains evolution whilst not being darwinistic.  Explains the biblical account by relying upon it rather than imposing upon it.  Versatile – all ages, school, home, church, non-church.  May be employed simply as four picture books for a child’s entertainment.  Conversely, may be employed by parents and educators as a learning venture.   Aims to excite interest  about science, nature, human existence.   Science has advanced – expect surprises –   don’t be left behind!

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Keywords:-Teaching, Children, Science, Evolution, Big Bang, How Life Began, Solar System.


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