Sometimes Things Work Out, But Sometimes They Don’t : Who Knows This Time? – by Thomas D. Darby

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Mystery is afoot in the fascinating novel Sometimes Things Work Out But Sometimes They Don’t.

Donald Powers, a professor who teaches toxicology and becomes involved in poison cases, uses his genius to get a degree in criminal justice and obtain a private detective license.

Don becomes involved in the shooting down of a company aircraft that was destroyed to protect the leaders of a group of criminals. Money laundering and computer hacking of data is involved in their plot, which takes Don from Washington, D.C., to California in search of clues.

As Don gathers the evidence to bring the group to trial, he discovers that Sometimes Things Work Out But Sometimes They Don’t.

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Keywords:- Detective Story, Computer Hacking, Chinese Gangs, Illegal Bank Transfers, Toxicology, Crime Scene Investigation.

Genres:- Mystery.

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