Someplace Else – by Eli Geller

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The day after Harold Gruner gets drunk for the first time ever, he becomes the prime suspect in murder, although he knows he’s innocent. But as suspicion shifts to others, he becomes less sure of himself. Finally, he is convinced he is the killer. Memories from that fateful night seem less and less merely bad dreams.

He seeks companionship from Rae, a beautiful Eurasian call girl with striking green eyes. He becomes infatuated with her. But he feels he is her social inferior since she has graduate degrees and looks to him like a genuine Renaissance woman. She probably feels the same since she rejects his offer of marriage.

Still, he is happy with Rae and willingly pays the five hundred dollars per visit she demands. She, in the love nest she inhabits, is his SOMEPLACE ELSE from a dreary world.

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Keywords:- Ma, Daisy, Carlos, Lance, Jerry, Wilson, Shirley.

Genres:- Fiction, Suspense, Murder.

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