Sh t Runs Downhill – by Kevin W. Batch

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Add together some interesting stories, plenty of humour and some clogged drains, and you get Sh*t Runs Downhill: A Collection of Stories and Life Lessons from a Plumber’s Memoir.

This funny book contains an array of titillating stories telling how the author went through the ups and downs of growing up to find his way in life. Read about all the bad jobs he did before becoming a plumber and running his own business.

Kevin W. Batch has met many people in the course of his career as a plumber. His hilarious anecdotes range from dealing with co-workers and customers, to crazy business trips and vacations.

He hopes his memoir will be a guide to young people seeking a path in life and not knowing which way to turn. His stories are not only told with humour, but with heartfelt honesty, so “plunge” right in!

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Keywords:- Plumber, Plumbing, Memoir, Trades, Humor, Real Life, Business.

Genres:- Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs.

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