Sex and More Sex – by Christopher Cherry

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Mostly about erotic, sexual gratification, the theme of this sex book concerns a stormy four year sexual relationship with someone called Nice.

A very beautiful person, Nice is quite incapable of returning love, or any kind of real concern for anybody.

Most people with normal responses would be sickened by this story, in fact, it would crush most people.

Through the tears, the regrets, the moods, and all the promises, Nice finally hits the drug scene, and learns how to rob and steal from tourists, eventually landing up in jail.

Impossible to help Nice, who finally reveals that he has a hatred for all foreigners, period.

This sex book gives a great many original insights into both the psychology and the average daily life of sex operatives, and it shows just how much Nice has been damaged by it all.

Read ‘Sex and More Sex’ a sexually horrible story.

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