Scented Apricot Flowers – by Wang Yongli

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In remote parts of China, bride price and borrowing seeds were considered quite the norm. The custom gives families a new lease of life especially the coveted baby boys but more often than not, such custom leads to many tragedies of forbidden love.

Scented Apricot Flowers is about this story— one that spans generations of love, lost and found through tribulations.

“An amazing love story. Good Characterization, Interesting and well-described settings, and Authentic-sounding dialogue.”

By Cynthia Sherman

“The book on romance. Wang Yongli’s epic ‘Scented Apricot Flowers’ is the novel that shows true love do move heaven and earth.”

By Boudenwijn Heeren

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Keywords:- Borrow seeds, Forbidden love, True love, Amazing story, Love, China, Marriage.

Genres:- General Fiction.

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