Sara’s New Realm – by Reba Rymers

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In the exciting sci-fi novel Sara’s New Realm, Sara and Matt’s honeymoon is interrupted by her life-long guide, Rowena, who gives her an urgent assignment: She must locate an alien named Dardo. A rumor is spreading fast that Dardo is asking all aliens to leave Earth before it is destroyed! She must find out if the rumor is true.

Jenny and Beau, their best friends, join the couple in their quest. Trouble starts when the American government issues warrants to stop them from interfering with the alien nation.

Sara learns of her true origins and destiny, angering the alien king’s nephew enough to make him kidnap Matt and her friends. New alien friends help her locate them and find the real reason behind the rumor about Earth’s demise.

She discovers that a large asteroid is heading straight for Earth! Sara wants to help destroy the asteroid, but no one – not the American government, the aliens, or the fairy world – can solve the problem.

When all looks hopeless, Sara’s guide Rowena sends Sara to the mythological god, Vishnu, whose mighty weapon may be the only way to save Earth.

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Genres:- Science Fiction & Fantasy.

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