Sand to the Arabs : Memoirs of a Serial Salesman – by Craig Alexander Johnson

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Craig Alexander Johnson has sold it all. Advertising, alarms, ball bearings, beds, booze, electric fences, farm supplies, freight solutions, lubricants, and real estate, to name a few. But he has come to realize something is amiss.

After twenty years on the road he is exhausted of the whole sales charade and can’t bring himself to put on the “show” anymore. In the dead of night while his family sleeps peacefully, Craig has been following his passion: writing screenplays.

Sand to the Arabs is the story of one man’s attempt to leave his life in sales, a life which has been very good to him over the years, to write feature film scripts and see his name up on the big screen. The financial risks for him and his young family are huge, and the odds against him succeeding are even bigger. Just as he takes this step, the global financial crisis hits, bringing the second worst economic collapse in history. Will Craig realise his dream or will his folly bring his family’s ruin?

Read Sand to the Arabs – Memoirs of a Serial Salesman.  A humorous, poignant tale of how one man dares to chase his madcap dream.

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Keywords:-Humor, Memoir, Autobiography, Sales, Comedy, Movies, Dubai.

Genres:-General Fiction.

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