Saga of a Texas Ranger – by Jeffery Robenalt

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Set in the Republic of Texas, circa 1840 to 1846, Saga of a Texas Ranger is the first in a series of four historic Westerns written by Jeffery Robenalt.

Sixteen-year-old Caleb McAdams and his family sell their prosperous farm in Tennessee and head for Texas to escape a deadly feud with the Pates, but Caleb soon learns that danger also lurks on the bloody Texas frontier when his family is massacred during the Great Comanche Raid of 1840. Seeking revenge, Caleb volunteers to fight alongside Jack Hays and the Texas Rangers at the Battle of Plum Creek and the adventure begins.

“Saga of a Texas Ranger is a vivid portrayal of the challenges and trials faced by a young Texas Ranger during the infant years of the Republic of Texas. Jeffery Robenalt’s extensive knowledge of Texas history and geography has allowed him to weave a captivating story of adventure, perseverance, and romance that will immediately capture and hold any reader’s imagination.”
– Donaly E. Brice, Texas State Archives, noted Texas historian and author of The Great Comanche Raid

“Absolutely spellbinding! If you’re looking for action and high adventure, Jeff Robenalt has provided it. Saga of a Texas Ranger is a rousing, historically accurate tale told in the tradition of Louis Lamour’s Sackett Chronicles. You won’t want to put it down.” – Flip Flippen, New York Times bestselling author of The Flip Side

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Genres:- Fiction, Westerns, Pioneer, Men’s Adventure.

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