Roar of the Lion Head Cane – by Howie Wilson

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Roar of the Lion Head Cane is saturated with magic – African magic.  From his birth, Izzi, the protagonist becomes a player in the archetypal battle between good and evil as his maternal grandmother seeks his blood, and his paternal grandfather defends his life.  The story moves through the boy’s youth to his initiation and mastery, helped by the Lion Head Cane.  Douglas, the storyteller, is a development professional whose life in Africa brings him into contact with magic, especially Izzi’s.  Spanning a period of almost three decades, the novel weaves this story of witchcraft within the historical reality of the struggles for independence and post-colonial wars of Mozambique, Liberia, and Angola.  It is a story of survival and of understanding the challenges of cultural differences.

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Keywords:- Africa, Magic, Witch, Post Colonial, War, Fiction, Mystical.

Genres:- Fiction, Historical, Fantasy.

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