RIB : The Truth The Story The Reality Of Women by Artorius Rex

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One in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex, date raped, murdered or otherwise abused by a man. There are more than 150 million women in the United States and at least one out of every three wants to know why they are abused by a man. RIB scripturally and secularly provides plausible answers to the reasons why man has been set up to abuse and destroy who a woman was created to be. After reading RIB, women will see how they lower themselves in character, spiritual standing, rank and reputation. This book is a depiction of behaviors that are seen, practiced and accepted by women on a daily basis, without any regards to the degradation it produces for all women. RIB leads you step by step into understandings who women are, what man has caused them to be, and the purpose they have been mislead to serve. The wisdom contained in RIB has never been told or linked from so many perspectives. RIB is written with biblical and secular definitions, defining the actions of women who conduct themselves under the constructs of man.

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