Reversal – by Hugh Bowen

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Reversal has its origin in a couple where a wife was determined to feminize her young husband. As the story proceeds facts and views about sex, human gender, the commercial sex business, perverse sex practices, and futuristic possibilities in medical procedures come into play. However the book is not a scientific or objective account of transsexualism, the transgender community, or commercial sex and should not be read as such. Rather Reversal is about persons in turmoil as their natures and outside events drive them forward. The wife, Val, is obsessed by the lingering effects of her own devastating trauma. The androgynous youth accepts he’ll be a she and resolves to do her best. After a radical medical transformation Val puts the newly minted girl in a Dutch bordello . . . with unforeseen consequences for them both. Reversal is intended for the enjoyment of readers interested in the manifestations of sex in contemporary culture. These matters and the descriptions of some events will likely offend some persons and discretion is advised.
Dr. Bowen draws on his knowledge and experience to flesh out the characters appearing in the book. They represent persons who live and work in the situations described. They are fictional and anything beyond that is coincidental.

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Keywords:- Novel Based On Fact, Wales, Newport Pembrokeshire, Country Society, Coastline, Caves, Cliffs, Adventure, Smuggling, Terrorist Conspiracy, Forensic Psychology, Ciphers, Detection And Intuition, Scotland Yard, Mi 5, Royal Family, Prince Of Wales.

Genres:- Fiction, General.

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