Revelations of Your Self-Help Book Secrets – by Lancaster Adams

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Lancaster Adams is a medical doctor, surgeon, scientist and medical missionary. He describes his quest to comprehend the underlying science of a disturbing dream, one with a premonition he had just before his father’s illness killed him.

The dream communicated hard facts about his father’s heretofore unknown mortal illness across a span of 6,000 miles. This incident prompted real world communication that confirmed his father’s impending death. Some might say this is a common enough experience, but the author asks how this is possible.

Revelations of Your Self-Help Book Secrets begins with explaining the brain’s function, the role of quantum physics and our current incomplete knowledge of the neuroscience of dreaming. This journey through neuroscience and self-help literature explores what has in the past been termed “psychic phenomena.”

Using light-hearted humor and anecdotes, the book draws heavily on the thinking associated with self-help literature to illuminate how our brains actually work. It is hoped that through our shared common humanity, we will identify aspects of our lives that will provide support and guidance to prove we are not alone in an existential nothingness.

Human evolution has permitted us to communicate with each other in ways that require much more attention from neuroscientists and psychologists. It is time to uncover more of our mind’s workings that have previously been shunned.

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Keywords:- Self-help, Dreams, Paranormal, The Secret, Psychology, Neuroscience, Extracranial Thoughts.

Genres:- Body, Mind & Spirit, Parapsychology, General.

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